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Holy Diver

Embark on an epic adventure in this six-reel, up to 589,971 Megaways™ slot from Big Time Gaming, which involves trekking through mountains, deserts and forests, facing bosses and conquering castles to get your hands on the prize. It may just be worth the effort, though, because there are extra spins, treasure chests, wilds, multipliers, various bonus features and more up for grabs here – so if you’re brave enough, you know what to do. Good luck!

Our review

If you’re in the mood for a Medieval adventure – specifically one that involves battling your way through an array of different landscapes while wearing a very fetching suit of armour and lugging around a heavy shield – then this six-reel slot from Big Time Gaming is the place for you. It seems to be treasure rather than a princess that this particular hero is after, so if that sounds good to you, read on to find out where this treasure may be hiding.

This game has three levels that you must fight your way through. The game itself appears to be set atop a hill or a mountain, against blue skies with ominous grey clouds drifting among the white ones and a dark, foreboding soundtrack to match. At the bottom of the screen, the Reel Adventure strip shows the hero advancing in his journey along a stony pathway as you spin, through level one’s surprisingly tranquil scenery, which consists of snowy mountains, rolling green hills, trees and plenty of pink flowers; a stark contrast to level two’s desert ruins and the purple, magical forest of level threeThroughout the journey, treasure chests line the way, and the hero will kick them open to hopefully reveal a win. 

These chests can enhance reels two to five with one of four bonuses. The standard symbol bonus reveals one of the standard symbols and converts it into a wild; the sword bonus adds up to three full-reel wilds, each with a multiplier of up to x7; the fireball bonus adds up to four Flaming Wilds, one per reel; and the gem symbol bonus unearths one or more gem symbol. Thesare then converted into wilds with a multiplier based on the level. 

If any gems emerge from the chests, they are added to the shield. Once all four gems are in place, you’ll be offered a choice: do you want to take the extra spins, or move on to the next level? (Upon reaching level three, the free spins will be triggered automatically). If you choose the extra spins, you’ll be transported into the castle and awarded ten of them (and this is where the game gets its name, as the soundtrack here is the badass Dio song ‘Holy Diver’). During the round, every gem on reels two to five will turn wild, with a win multiplier based on the level. In level one, the wild is normal. Level two has a x2 wild, and level three will give you a x3 wild. 

During the extra spins, the hero will collect diamonds. The first four of these will give you an additional extra spin each, and if you manage to collect a fifth diamond, you’ll be awarded an additional eight extra spins plus a retrigger. The retrigger will increase the base number of symbols per reel, as shown below: 

- First retrigger – 4 to 7 symbols 

- Second retrigger – 6 to 7 symbols 

Additional retrigger – 7 symbols 

As is typical in many Big Time Gaming slots, this game uses Megaways™ instead of traditional paylines. Each reel can have up to seven symbols, and win multipliers increase the ways to win. Each level has a maximum of ways to win per spin: 

- Level one – 117,649 Megaways 

- Level two – 396,900 Megaways 

- Level three – 589,971 Megaways 

So with all that potential just staring you in the face, how can you say no? Don your armour, grab your shield and play Holy Diver!