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Mega Boy

What’s better than the games of old? We know - the games of old with the features of today! This five reel, 25-payline slot from iSoftBet combines all the things you loved about the 8-bit games of your youth with all the best bits of modern slots. That means boxes full of bonus features, so many types of wilds that you’ll lose count, and the chance to win up to 150,000 coins. Why aren’t you playing yet?! Let’s go!

Our review

Here at Slotsmillion, we like arcade themed slots. And what better example of one than Mega Boy?

It’s a bit like Marmite: at first sight, you’re either going to love the design or you’ll hate it. It’s reminiscent of a videogame, right down to the music, animations and symbols, so if you’re not a videogame fan, you might want to look elsewhere for your afternoon’s entertainment - you can’t escape that arcade theme here.

This game is reasonably interactive - not bad, but it could seem a bit slow if you're used to really responsive slots. The good thing is that your wins and your losses - even the bonus features - are quick. But if it’s really too slow for comfort, you can keep the spacebar pressed and watch the reels spin without stopping.

Now, the ease of play. This is where it gets tricky. We might imagine at first glance that this game is easy to handle, but it's not entirely true. The symbols, for a start; it's difficult to know which is the most valuable. This slot might cause you to have a few questions - what are these little animations on top? What is this big wild symbol in the middle? And so on.

And that's exactly why you’ll need to invest a little bit of time in this slot to really appreciate it. Even the bonus rounds will make you wait for a while before reaching them, so our advice to get a full taste of this game is to play for at least 15 minutes.

This is a real medium volatility slot. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's smooth. Reaching a bonus feature won't mean you'll win a big amount, but similarly the main game could totally surprise you with an unexpected big win at any moment.

It's quite difficult to have an effective bet amount strategy on this slot; you could be on a losing streak for ages and then stumble across a quite incredible series of big wins. The hit frequency is reasonably medium, but not that balanced. Sometimes you win often, sometimes the wait for the next win will be long.

Keep an eye on your balance and play carefully. This game will test your patience, and you will understand that the smooth ambiance hides a really strong slot. You’ll probably enjoy the adventure you’ll have playing this game - just don’t expect the same experience next time you play. Mega Boy is a slot that will keep you on your toes.