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Mega Moolah

A trip on safari with the chance to take home millions in cash? What’s not to like? This 5 reel slot from Microgaming offers you awesome graphics, wilds, free spins and a non-progressive jackpot of 225,000 coins - but if that’s not enough for you, you’ve also got the chance to get your hands on one of four progressive jackpots, which could make you a millionaire in seconds! Join the lions, elephants and giraffes of Mega Moolah and see what these magical 25 paylines could bring you...

Our review

Mega Moolah. Need we say more? There’s no need to introduce this slot - after all, it may be the most famous progressive jackpot ever, from one of the biggest game providers out there.

While at first sight one might think the only really good quality of this slot would be the impressive mega jackpot, don't be fooled by appearances. It's true that the graphics aren’t the best we’ve ever seen; funny drawings with little animations. However the soundtrack creates a jungle ambiance, discreet and smooth while still reinforcing the atmosphere. The sound of the reels spinning isn't aggressive; the animal calls are totally relevant to the theme; and the free spins music is quite catchy. In this game you won't be either annoyed nor mesmerized by the sound and the graphic design. Instead you will be focused on one thing: the gameplay.

We could complain about the lack of a quick spin or a spin stop feature, but the speed isn't that bad. No long animations, no slowdown when you're about to win, no big win stop... nothing that will get in the way when you play. This game is responsive: you spin, you win, you spin, you lose. You will soon get used to the rhythm of the spinning in your head.

You can't make the game go faster, but you don't really need to. Microgaming has found just the right balance between efficiency and speed.

Our advice is not to spend less than twenty minutes on this slot. Mega Moolah has something magical; it's incredibly catchy, not because of the graphics, or because of the incredible interactivity, but because it manages to find the right way to stop you from getting bored. You’ll play for a long time without even noticing and everything will push you to continue: reaching the free spin feature, then reaching the wheels with all the prizes, then getting a big win... and it doesn’t stop there.

As far as volatility goes, this slot is well balanced: low volatility, contrasted with the large amounts you can win here.

A lot of our players love this game - we could even ask what the trick is that makes them so addicted to this simple slot. When we tried Mega Moolah, we were forced to admit that we didn't want to stop, like we couldn't get enough of the surprises the game was hiding from us.

The main secret of this slot is that your wallet doesn't want to become empty. You play, you enjoy the features, and your money is still there. You can bet just the way you want, and you may even be surprised to see that it's not that rare to access the wheel features, which give you the opportunity to win one of the four jackpots.

This game is pleasant, smooth; but knows how to make you nervous when you see the million dangling in front of your eyes. It’s a really good surprise, and if you don't know this slot, we absolutely advise you to have a go on it.