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Divine Fortune

Stress of daily life starting to get under your skin? Then don’t worry - you’ve found exactly the nirvana you’re looking for in this peaceful 20-payline NetEnt slot. The classical soundtrack and soothing colour scheme will have you relaxed and calm within seconds - but just in case you start to get tired of the peace and quiet, there are free spins, falling wilds and three jackpots just waiting to spice things up. Om...

Our review

In order to replace the local jackpot series Wonders, comprised of Tiki, Icy and Geisha, NetEnt has delivered a promising title based on Greek mythology, complete with genuine and crafted graphics and incredible sound design - all devised to quite literally plunge us into the game’s universe.

Upon first glance, it seems like NetEnt has really hit the spot with this one. This game looks to be similar to The Wishmaster or Invisible Man, when we think of the immersion created by the atmosphere, and this is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this game.

Divine Fortune is extremely interactive; the Skill Stop and Quick Spin features are very effective in making the game much more thrilling and giving it life. A small slowing down of the gameplay, induced by running wilds, will bring you back to the rank of spectator as they walk between the lines - but as these wilds are synonymous with respins or big wins, we willingly forgive this small break. The most selective players, looking for the thrill of spin speed, may be a bit frustrated. This game’s not quite as fast as Starburst, but it’s still perfectly acceptable.

You can enjoy this game without giving it longer than five minutes of your time. That said, we recommend that to fully appreciate the features and the ambiance, you play for a good ten minutes or more. You have to allow time for this game to submerge you into its atmosphere.

This is a medium volatility slot, but despite its hit frequency, which clearly meets the average, it will leave you with the taste of high volatility. You rarely earn enough to set a new bet, and without a special feature it’s very difficult to get a big win. You’ll simply wait for the next bonus, hoping your wallet won’t empty too quickly.

With regards to the bet amount, we would advise you to play cautiously. Don’t get absorbed by the excitement and the lure of the gain by betting everything in just a few spins. Choose your Max Bet moments wisely. If you’re patient, you’ll see that this game will give you exactly what you need. It will often let you touch the jackpots with the tips of your fingertips, and you could easily go away with pockets full of riches… just as long as you have the courage to follow this quest until you win.