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Gonzo's Quest

Can you help this brave explorer discover El Dorado? Embark on an expedition in this adventurous slot from NetEnt and unlock free falls, wilds and up to x15 multipliers to help you on your quest. Look out for the exploding symbols of this tumbling reels slot, which are replaced by more symbols, maximising your wins so that you can go home with the treasure you deserve. Ready to see what rewards lie in store for you in the mythical city of gold? Get started now!

Our review

If you’re so dedicated to searching for treasure that you’re willing to go back to 1541 to do it, Gonzo’s Quest is definitely the game for you. This is one of the most popular NetEnt slots - in fact it’s probably one of the most popular slots full stop. The detailed, beautiful graphics and immersive sounds, complete with crickets chirping and symbols exploding, will make you feel as though you’re right there alongside Gonzo, trekking through a jungle on a desert island on his quest to find El Dorado, the lost city of gold.

This game is a classic. Everyone knows Gonzo, and some have tried to imitate this slot, creating tumbling reel games with a funny 3D character moving around and reacting to the game; Playson’s Eastern Delight, for example, or the famous Rook's Revenge from Betsoft.

Obviously, as a tumbling reel slot, it's not as fast as other types of slots could be. Moreover, the hit frequency of this game is quite high. You’ll often be left waiting with fingers crossed to see other symbols falling, ready to explode again and multiply your next wins. But it's a catchy, engaging slot, so you won’t mind spending time on your spins, and the fact that you can't just spin without thinking won't make it slow.

This slot is really easy to use, even though some smaller elements could seem confusing at first. The bonus symbols, for example, aren’t scatters but need to appear in succession on the same line, and can be substituted by the wild symbols. But the game is intuitive - you’ll get the hang of it while you’re waiting for those wins.

This game asks for patience and tenacity. It deserves his name; it's a real quest, and you’ll need to invest time in this adventure with Gonzo. Our advice is not to schedule less than 10 minutes to really enjoy this game - but on the plus side, the bonus round is reached in on average one spin per 200, which is really low.

It’s very evident that this is a high volatility game. If you’re looking for frequent wins which will refill your balance, you might find this game unfair - but if you’re waiting for a win which will exceed your expectations, this game is made for you.

Regarding your bet amount, our advice would be to take it slow and not overestimate your balance. The way to the big win will be long, hard, and exhausting, but it’s worth it, and in the end we’re pretty sure you’ll find this trip really exciting.