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The infamous board game that can't be won - only survived - is back in this 36-payline adventure from NetEnt! If you think you've got what it takes to overcome the obstacles and make it out safely (with respins, wilds, coin wins, multipliers, four types of extra spins and bonus features galore in your pockets), then dare to begin...

Our review

If you were a fan of the 1995 movie Jumanji and have always wanted to try the game out for yourself, now’s your chance - NetEnt have brought it to life in this five reel slot! Dare to enter this 36-payline adventure and find out whether you’ll be trapped in the jungle or whether you’ll emerge victorious with pockets full of gold.

Anyone who’s seen the film will recognise the hypnotic, ominous beat of the drums that seem to be calling out, enticing you to begin playing. Heed their call and explore the house, which looks pretty much exactly like the mansion from the movie - being careful to watch where you’re going, of course. There are plenty of things that could catch you out here - the Sticky Vines, for example, which can trigger a respin, during which all wilds and winning symbols from the initial spin stay put while the reels spin again. That isn’t all, though - look out for the Monsoon wilds, which completely cover one or two reels in wilds; the Monkey Mayhem feature, where all symbols are shuffled, creating a guaranteed win; or the Wild Stampede, which brings rhinos stampeding across the screen and adds between four and nine wilds to the reels.

If you get three or more scatter symbols, you’ll unlock the board game, where you get to choose a token and make your way around the board for real by rolling the two six-sided dice. The amount of rolls you get depends on how many scatter symbols were on the reels when the feature was triggered, but can be up to eight. In each corner of the board game, one of the four extra spin features is located - if the token lands in front of it, the feature will be activated.

The Vines Free Spins feature awards ten extra spins and will activate respins if a win occurs after the initial spin. One extra spin can have multiple respins, which work the same way as the Sticky Vines feature; vines grab onto wilds, holding them in place for the duration of the extra spins. Then there’s the Monsoon Free Spins, which will award you seven extra spins with a couple of reels covered in wilds, just like in the Monsoon Wilds feature. Next up come the Monkey Free Spins, which will award you six extra spins. Here, symbols will be shuffled, just like in the Monkey Mayhem feature - and finally, there’s the Stampede Free Spins, which give you five extra spins, each of which works the same way as the Wild Stampede feature.

There are also coin wins, multipliers, extra dice rolls and mystery elements up for grabs, so with plenty of features to help you fight the evil and make it out alive, there’s only one thing left to do: play Jumanji!