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Win both ways with NetEnt’s most beloved game! The five colourful reels and upbeat, atmospheric soundtrack will have you soaring into the solar system with every win you get (and they come often!). Look out for three of the star wilds to trigger a maximum of three respins to help you maximise your wins. Good luck!

Our review

The vibrant space-esque graphics and smooth, catchy soundtrack of NetEnt’s most popular slot set the scene as soon as you open the game. Never has the saying ‘less is more’ been more true - Starburst’s simple but beautiful gem and star theme has been the inspiration for many games, including NextGen’s Starmania, but Starburst remains on top. Its simplicity and interactivity just can’t be beaten - and maybe that’s why people just keep coming back to play it.

The animations when you win, and when you get a respin, get you excited and involved in the game. The game is responsive and lets you spin quickly, so you never get bored, and the animations are short so you want to spin even faster. You don’t have to wait for long between big wins, and that’s clearly the main idea of this game. The smooth gameplay and the fact that the game reacts at the same time as you makes it really immersive - as though you and the game were one being.

The simplicity and responsiveness mean you don't need a lot of time to play Starburst, though you can certainly play it for longer if you wish to. But be prepared: if you try it, you’ll come back for sure.

You can play for a long time before you’ll notice a big dent in your wallet. The wilds can expand to fill the reel, and award you one respin, giving you a better chance to win big; you can easily win more than 20x your bet by having more than one wild in the same respin. Don’t worry, though - the fact that this game won't empty your wallet quickly doesn't mean that you’ll get a less intense experience. The big wins are real and worth having, even if they’re not the biggest we’ve ever seen from a slot.

Low volatility though it is, you can simply adjust the speed of your spins to make up for it. You can set the game according to your personal preference, so everything is possible: bet a large amount to have a real chance to bag a big win; or bet less to refill your wallet. Keep an eye on your wallet, though, because when you start to play quickly, your fingers will be faster than your brain. But this is one of NetEnt’s most popular games for a reason - so sit back, relax, spin, and enjoy your voyage into space.