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Warlords: Crystals of Power

It’s time to get out your armour and prepare your best weapons, because this NetEnt slot will drop you right in the middle of an epic battle between three ruthless leaders. With three different scatter symbols, three different types of free spins, three different random overlay wilds and the chance to win up 1,000,000 coins, this is definitely a fight worth trying to win. Be careful - only those truly strong enough will make it out alive, but those who do will be handsomely rewarded. Are you courageous enough to try?

Our review

Name any bonus feature and the Warlords: The Crystals of Power online slot probably has it. With a whole range of extra features, the game presents endless opportunities for big wins! You will benefit greatly from wild substitutions, stacked symbols, random wild features, re-spins and the Last Chance feature.

Battle of the Crystals

The game begins with a lengthy introduction video, where you meet the three titular warlords, their uncommon pets and the crystals of power. This 3 row, 5 reel slot has been developed extremely well when it comes to both graphics and gameplay, which is why at first glance, it may seem a little complex, but it’s really quite simple once you get spinning!

The Warlords: The Crystals of Power online slot centers around a battle between three different rulers – the Barbarian, the Priestess, and the Samurai – within a loosely defined medieval theme. Low paying symbols complement stacked symbols with higher values. There is also a wild symbol present, represented by the three crystals, which substitutes for all the other symbols, except the three scatters. During every spin in the main game, a Random Overlay Wild feature can be activated. The feature uses a different reel set to the main game with no scatters appearing on the reels. There are three different types of Random Overlay Wilds, each one related to a different warlord. The Barbarian Hammer feature awards four wilds in the shape of a square on reels one to four. The Priestess Arrow feature awards two to five wilds on reels one to five. Finally, the Samurai Sword feature awards two to five wilds on reels one to four. After the feature is activated, the symbols will be replaced by Overlay Wild symbols.

Complex Bonus Features, Easy Money

We’ve tried our best to summarize the immensely detailed bonus features of Warlords: The Crystals of Power online slot below, but be warned - there’s a lot to take in. First off, the slot features three different scatter symbols. In the main game, the initial scatters each reward its corresponding game feature, which is one of the following: three free spins, one multiplier or one sticky wild. Additionally, each scatter is associated with a different free spins game – the blue one leads to Barbarian free spins, the green one leads to Priestess free spins and the red one leads to Samurai free spins.

The free spins game awarded to the player will be determined by the type of scatters appearing on the reels and in the case of the Samurai free spins, the position of the scatters on the reel. In the main game, re-spins are awarded when two or more scatters appear on the reels. Scatter symbols in the Warlords: The Crystals of Power online slot appear only on reels two, three and four during the main game, and can appear on all five reels during re-spins. If the scatter symbols are of the same type, the re-spin starts immediately, however, if the scatter symbols differ, they randomly transform so that all the scatters are of the same type before the re-spin starts. The symbol chosen as the active scatter will depend on how many different scatters you have landed; that said, scatters will always transform into the same type before re-spins begin. During a re-spin the active scatters will stay in their positions with all the other symbols being inactive. Additional re-spins can be activated after the initial re-spin, if you land a new scatter symbol of the same type as the active scatter.

Three or more scatter symbols activate free spins in the Warlords: The Crystals of Power online slot. If free spins are not activated after re-spins, you will get one final chance to activate them. If the re-spins are activated with two scatter symbols and no extra scatter symbols appear during the re-spins, the Final Chance feature is awarded. This feature reveals either a coin win or a scatter symbol. If you land a scatter, the new scatter will be randomly placed on the reels containing no other scatter symbols and free spins will begin, meaning that no additional re-spins will be awarded. When no more re-spins are activated, if there are three or more identical active scatters on the reels, free spins will start. There are three different kinds of free spins, each corresponding to the three rulers, with different prizes and rules.

Like all of the great slots we have on offer on our website, this slot is available for play on PC, tablet and mobile.

We know that the Warlords: The Crystals of Power online slot can seem a little dense, but we promise that it becomes quite simple to follow after the first few spins. Three different scatters and potentially endless opportunities for re-spins and free spins, makes this a highly exciting and more importantly, well-rewarding game!

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