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If you’re in the mood to try something new, you’ve come to the right place! Based in Malta, Wazdan have been creating innovative slots since 2010, using their years of experience and passion for games to fuel their imaginations. They say they “live and breathe” gaming, and it’s easy to see that in their work.

Want to put them to the test? Take a trip to the circus in Magic Target Deluxe, a five reel, 20-payline slot that will certainly get you under its spell - even before you notice the wilds, multipliers and extra spins hiding under the big top. What might you take home from this day out?

If the circus isn’t your thing, you might feel more at home trying to gain entry to Valhalla - and this 54-payline slot has more than enough to help you get there. Buried among the beautiful graphics, there are high wins up for grabs, as well as wilds and a gamble feature that may just let you double your wins - as long as the luck of the gods is on your side.

There is one more journey we would like to recommend to you, for way out in a colourful galaxy lies Magic Stars 3, ready to impart its gifts to a worthy player. That could be you - if you’re prepared to face outer space and powerful magic to claim your prize, you may just be rewarded with gamble features, the option to change the volatility level, and enough wilds to create a few enchantments of your own. Good luck!

Ready to see what these adventures have in store? Then play Wazdan’s games!

  • Wazdan Butterfly Lovers
  • Wazdan Relic Hunters™ and the Book of Faith
  • Wazdan Neon City
  • Wazdan Magic Stars 9
  • Wazdan Power of Gods™: The Pantheon
  • Wazdan Lucky Reels
  • Wazdan Magic Stars 3
  • Wazdan 9 Lions
  • Wazdan Larry the Leprechaun
  • Wazdan Beauty Fruity
  • Wazdan Cube Mania Deluxe™
  • Wazdan Magic Stars 6
  • Wazdan Space Spins
  • Wazdan Juicy Reels
  • Wazdan Dragons Lucky 8
  • Wazdan Lucky Fish
  • Wazdan Infinity Hero
  • Wazdan Magic Fruits Deluxe
  • Wazdan Magic Target Deluxe
  • Wazdan Mystery Jack Deluxe
  • Wazdan Black Hawk Deluxe
  • Wazdan Fenix Play 27 Deluxe
  • Wazdan Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe
  • Wazdan Reel Hero™
  • Wazdan Hungry Shark
  • Wazdan Lucky 9
  • Wazdan Slot Jam
  • Wazdan Black Horse Deluxe
  • Wazdan Fenix Play 27
  • Wazdan Los Muertos™
  • Wazdan Great Book Of Magic
  • Wazdan Magic Fruits
  • Wazdan Magic of the Ring Deluxe
  • Wazdan Magic Target
  • Wazdan Double Tigers
  • Wazdan Mayan Ritual™
  • Wazdan Fenix Play Deluxe
  • Wazdan Magic Hot 4 Deluxe
  • Wazdan Fruit Mania
  • Wazdan Mystery Jack
  • Wazdan Magic Hot 4
  • Wazdan Magic Of The Ring
  • Wazdan Football Mania
  • Wazdan Lucky Fortune
  • Wazdan Jumping Fruits
  • Wazdan Vegas Hot
  • Wazdan Burning Reels
  • Wazdan Dino Reels 81
  • Wazdan Black Hawk
  • Wazdan Vegas Hot 81
  • Wazdan Joker Explosion
  • Wazdan Magic Stars
  • Wazdan Lucky Queen
  • Wazdan Crazy Cars
  • Wazdan Hot 777™
  • Wazdan Burning Stars
  • Wazdan Good Luck 40
  • Wazdan Kick Off
  • Wazdan Dracula’s Castle
  • Wazdan Black Horse™
  • Wazdan Beach Party Hot
  • Wazdan Haunted Hospital
  • Wazdan Golden Sphinx
  • Wazdan Hot 777 Deluxe™
  • Wazdan Jack on Hold
  • Wazdan Magic Fruits 27
  • Wazdan Captain Shark™
  • Wazdan Arcade
  • Wazdan Fenix Play
  • Wazdan Welcome To Hell 81
  • Wazdan Beach Party
  • Wazdan Criss Cross 81
  • Wazdan Highway to Hell
  • Wazdan Super Hot
  • Wazdan Magic Fruits 4
  • Wazdan Jackpot Builders
  • Wazdan Wild Jack
  • Wazdan Highschool Manga
  • Wazdan Bell Wizard
  • Wazdan Turbo Play
  • Wazdan Lost Treasure
  • Wazdan Fruit Fiesta
  • Wazdan Demon Jack 27
  • Wazdan Wild Guns
  • Wazdan Magic Hot
  • Wazdan Fire Bird
  • Wazdan Wild Jack 81
  • Wazdan Jack’s Ride
  • Wazdan Magic Fruits 81
  • Wazdan Corrida Romance
  • Wazdan Wild Girls
  • Wazdan Miami Beach
  • Wazdan Colin the Cat™
  • Wazdan Valhalla
  • Wazdan Night Club 81
  • Wazdan Hot Party
  • Wazdan Win And Replay
  • Wazdan Triple Star
  • Wazdan Bars & 7s
  • Wazdan Fruits Go Bananas™
  • Wazdan Sizzling 777
  • Wazdan Cube Mania™
  • Wazdan Magic Stars 5
  • Wazdan Space Gem
  • Wazdan Vegas Reels II
  • Wazdan In The Forest