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Nitro Circus

Anyone with a need for speed will find themselves right at home here, with motorbikes flying overhead, sparks cascading from the sky and rock music to get your blood pumping – if the crazy daredevil stunts don’t manage to do that themselves, that is. And if that’s not enough excitement for you, then wilds, multipliers, extra spins and a pretty epic bonus game might do it! Fasten your seatbelts, because things are about to get intense.

Our review

Get ready for the roar of the crowds, because this ferocious five reel, 25 payline slot from Yggdrasil is about to take you on an adventure like no other. Follow Travis Pastrana’s cartoon self and his gang (which, by the way, are the highest-paying symbols here) as they pull off epic daredevil stunts that most of us can only dream of doing – do you have what it takes to come along for the ride? 

If you’re not a fan of extreme sports, you might not know what Nitro Circus is – but a couple of minutes up close with these amazing stunts and the powerful machines they’re performed with and we have no doubt that you’ll be hooked. Sitting in the audience, with the blinding spotlights shining in your face and the rock music pounding in your ears, you’re so close to the action that you can practically feel the rumbling of the engines and smell the smoke of the sparks that fall from the sky. The whole place feels alive; you feel connected, anticipation bursting through your veins as you crane your neck to see the bike you know is just about to soar into the air above you – so let’s keep reading to see what else you might find here besides a good thrill. 

First of all, look out for wilds, which substitute for all regular symbols, and Nitro Bombs, which activate various bonus features. Three or more of these will unlock the extra spins, of which you can get a maximum of 30 in one go. If you’re lucky enough to get another bomb during the round, the Nitro Blast mini game will be triggered. Each subsequent bomb will award either a collectible, wild, multiplier or more extra spins. 

This can also happen in the main game – you simply need to get two bombs and the Nitro Blast mini game will be unlocked, along with one collectible, a wild or more extra spins. 

Look out for the NITRO letters appearing on the reels, because landing all five of these will unlock the Nitro Jump Bonus Game. Here, you get to select your vehicle, taking into consideration that better stats equal better rewards. A higher ‘Tricks’ score means you have a better chance of getting higher coin rewards, whereas ‘Boost’ gives you a chance of getting a higher multiplier in the final jump. A high ‘Size’ rating offers you a higher chance of getting more items. 

After that come the three warm up jumps, where you get to practice your skills a little before the big jump – while collecting coins, speed boosts, multipliers and collectible vehicles. Then it’s time to show what you’ve got in the final jump. 

Click the red Nitro Blast Boost button to give your jump a bit of oomph. If you choose to add a higher boost, you’ll be in with a chance of getting a high multiplier should you land well – but be careful, because if you crash, your multipliers will disappear. 

The Nitro Jump course can also be unlocked by filling one of the collections on the left-hand side of the screen, so make sure you keep an eye out for those symbols. 

By the way, did we mention there are up to 50,000 coins to be found here? Make no mistake, this is an adventure only for those who are willing to take some risks. If you think you’ve got the guts, then come and play Nitro Circus!