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Good or evil?
Good or evil?

24 April 2018

An epic battle is taking place in this brand new slot from NetEnt: the ultimate battle, in fact, between the devil and the archangel who presides over Heaven. Will she be able to defeat the evil forces and bring the world to salvation?

Our Pick of the Week: Kaiju!

In a futuristic Asian city, Earth’s last humans take refuge from strange beasts that prowl the streets. Their last hope is HA-42, a female cyborg whose mission is to defeat the vicious creatures. Will you join her and help ensure the safety of the human race?

A warm welcome to Fuga Gaming Technologies!

It’s a great day at SlotsMillion today, because we’ve just added yet another game provider to our ever-growing portfolio! Calling themselves “a new face of industry veterans”, Fuga’s founders and employees combine the skills they’ve earned from decades of experience in order to create unique, high-quality games where every detail counts.

Feeling unlucky?
Feeling unlucky?

13 April 2018

Black cat cross your path this morning? Perhaps you broke the bathroom mirror or stepped on a crack in the pavement by mistake? Don’t worry - we’ve got a way to reverse that bad luck and turn your day around.

Our Pick of the Week: Gold King!

Tempted by piles of gold and twinkling treasure? Then our Pick this week is definitely the slot for you. Join the king for a tour through his castle and maybe you’ll get to take a few valuables home with you…